Yungskin advocate a 5-step skincare routine for a naturally glowing complexion

Yungskin’s™ energy infused skin care product range – offers an exceptional solution to anti-aging and age management challenges. The product range is developed to complement one another, ensuring maximum results when used in conjunction.

As it is challenging to find a skin care routine that works best for you amongst the multitudes of products to choose from, Yungskin™ recommends our basic 5-step skin care routine as a basis for a good skincare routine.

Suitable for all skin types, our Yungskin™ natural-based product range contains no harmful chemicals and absolutely no testing was done on animals.

Following Yungskin’s daily 5-step approach will result in a great-looking, healthy and vibrant skin through the ages.

  • Step 1: Wash
  • Step 2: Tone
  • Step 3: Moisturise
  • Step 4: Feed
  • Step 5: Sun Care


Step 1: Wash (facial cleanser)

Important first step in your skincare routine to remove sweat, oil and other pollutants your skin naturally collects throughout a 24-hour cycle. To clear your pores and keep your face clean and fresh, apply Yungskin™ Face Wash, a mild gel cleanser containing the following key ingredients:

  • Geranium Oil: beneficial in treatment of acne, dermatitis, scars, spots and other skin diseases; promotes cell recycling and – regenerating; helps to prevent facial muscles and skin from sagging; contains antibacterial and anti-microbial properties.
  • Grapefruit Oil: rich in antioxidants, contains a wealth of Vitamin C; good disinfectant.
  • Lavender water: pH balanced

Directions for use:

In the morning and evening pump a small amount on damp hands and work up lather. Apply to skin using circular movements. Rinse well and dry before applying next step.

Step 2: Tone (skin toner)

The often-underrated toner is an essential addition to your daily skin care routine. Providing additional cleansing effects after face wash application, the vitamin enriched Yungskin™ Toner prepares your skin to absorb moisturiser and helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Will leave the skin feeling softer, smoother and more radiant.

This product also contains:

  • Geranium- and Grapefruit Oil, providing an uplifting scent on application.

Direction for use:

Apply with cotton wool on to cleansed face, or spray directly on skin avoiding eye area. Apply both in the morning and evening after cleansing your face and before applying moisturiser.

 Step 3: Moisturise (face moisturizer)

Moisturising your skin provides a protective layer that locks in moisture and keeps skin hydrated. Both Yungskin™ DAY & NIGHT Face creams contain the finest natural oils, moisturising actives and collagen building properties to assist in:

  • Restoring your skin’s vitality
  • Rejuvenating and regenerating skin cells
  • Tightening skin
  • Reducing appearance of wrinkles and blemishes
  • Ensuring youthful-looking and glowing skin

Key ingredients include:

  • Niacinamide (Vit B3): plays an important role in cellular energy production
  • Hydrolyzed Soybean Fibre: boosts collagen synthesis, protects skin against hormone-related ageing; provides moisture retentive, protective and sealing films.
  • Sodium Hyaluronate: natural ingredient with ability to bind and hold onto significant amounts of water

Yungskin Day Cream – Face moisturizer

Yungskin Night Cream – Face moisturizer

Directions for use:

Gently massage into cleansed, toned skin, morning and evening before applying sunscreen, make-up or any other skin care products.

Yungskin™ DAY moisturiser is ideal for teens, men, women up to age 30 and women with mature but more sensitive skin type.

Yungskin™ NIGHT moisturiser is ideal for mature skin age 30+ or as all day moisturiser for women age 40+.

Step 4: Feed

What we put in our bodies (food & drink) is as important, if not more, than what we put on our bodies (skin care products) to attain good-looking skin.

Given the general lower nutritional quality of food, and the notion that beauty is more than skin deep, Yungskin™ Food was developed to address this matter.

This oral supplement is a naturally alkaline liquid which has been infused energetically with the energies intended to feed and rejuvenate the skin from within.

Yungskin™ Food contains Minerals, Flower Essence, Trace Minerals and Copper – all carefully selected to assist in achieving youthful and glowing skin, also to help release stress and calm the nervous system as these factors are usually behind ill health and premature aging of the skin and body. Yungskin™ Food is suitable for all ages.

Directions for use:

10 drops in a little water and drink immediately or place 10 drops straight onto the tongue and then swallow, morning and evening. Use in conjunction with the application of Yungskin™ Face Creams.

Step 5: Sunscreen

Leading Dermatologists consider sunscreen as part of a daily anti-ageing and age management skincare regime, even if one is not exposed to the sun.

Applying sunscreen after moisturiser is vital in protecting your skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays and maintaining a youthful and healthy-looking skin.

If exposed to the sun for long periods, it is important to re-apply sunscreen every few hours.

Yungskin™ Sun Care SPF40 is a high factor UVA & UVB protection product, approved by CANSA. This non-greasy, non-sticky lightweight product absorbs into the skin effortlessly, leaving no white streaks or residue on the skin.

  • Zink Oxide: has anti-ageing effects, keeps moisture locked into dry skin; protects against UVA & UVB light rays
  • Vitamin C: vital molecule for skin health
  • Vitamin A: encourages healthy skin cell production
  • Vitamin E: has basic antioxidant properties, fights wrinkles, fades scars

Directions for use:

Apply to face, neck and other exposed areas. Re-apply every hour as well as after swimming, towelling or exercise.

Apply on daily basis after the application of a moisturiser

To order your Yungskin or for more product information, email gill@confettichicks.co.za.


Yungskin Day Cream, R425 (50ml jar)

Yungskin Tissue Oil, R120 (100ml)

Yungskin Food, R185 (30ml dropper bottle)

Yungskin Face Wash, R100 (100ml container)

Yungskin Toner, R110 (100ml)

Yungskin Night Cream, R440 (50ml)

Yungskin Sun Care, R195 (100ml)

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