September 20, 2021

On the 9th day of Valentine’s…

… my True Love said to me: ‘Let’s play a game of Truth or Dare’.

Here’s how:

The aim of the game is to be light-hearted and open minded. Leave the ego behind and be willing to share all in the name of love and intimacy. Caution: only suggest this game when you’re both relaxed and up for some closeness and bonding.

Samantha Jackson Photography

Start by asking him ‘truth, or dare?’ … if he chooses a dare, then ask him to do something silly or sexy (or both). If he chooses truth, then ask him an intimate question, you know, the kind reserved for lovers and soul mates.

Higher Grade: You and your partner each writes out 20 little cards, half with questions on them, and half with dares written out. Keep them face down on the coffee table, then pick from the cards as the game progresses. That way you won’t have to think on the spot.

Remember, keep it fun and slightly erotic, amping it up as the evening wears on.

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