July 7, 2022

Your Relationship

The Good Husband Guide: Secrets from the Silver Screen

It’s a real honour and a privilege to have another person accept your hand in marriage and to share their life with you. However, if you want to be a great husband, you can never […]

On the 6th day of Valentine’s…

… my True Love said to me “Let’s turn off our cellphones and dim the lights!” It was time for a game of Role Play. This game requires a wee bit of forward planning because […]

On the 7th day of Valentine’s…

… my True Love suggested a game of Kiss Kiss! As the name of this game suggests, it involves some intense tongue-twisting fun. Okay so we’re not in high school anymore, but the idea is […]

On the 8th day of Valentine’s …

… my True Love said to me “Let’s play Treasure Hunt.” Think of an Easter hunt, with a twist! Treasure hunts for adults involve some good clean (or dirty) fun and debauchery. Throw some wine […]

On the 9th day of Valentine’s…

… my True Love said to me: ‘Let’s play a game of Truth or Dare’. Here’s how: The aim of the game is to be light-hearted and open minded. Leave the ego behind and be […]

Let’s Talk About Sex

Lubrimaxxx – For better, happier, healthier sex! 100% NATURAL WATER-BASED MEDICALLY TESTED RATED AS ONE OF THE WORLD’S BEST AND SAFEST LubrimaxxxTM is a personal lubricant, proudly developed and manufactured in Cape Town, South Africa, and […]

Finding Your Bliss

Picture yourself waking up after a perfect sleep – the early morning sun sneaking a peek through the curtains. You smile, reach out and pick up your smartphone, and the online onslaught begins… Or, you […]

Connect and Touch

Be that couple. You know, the ones who can’t keep their hands off each other. Always holding hands, leaning in to each other, and not afraid to show affection in public. Even when they’ve been married […]

Date Night!

Wondering how to keep the Ooh-la-la of romance burning long after the wedding candles have burned down? Read on… We polled some happily married people, and here’s what these ladies had to say: If you […]