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Banish tired winter skin, and get your pre-wedding summer glow on now!

by Gill Lewis

I recently took myself off for a mid-week winter treat at Deluxe Laser’s Cavendish branch because my skin was looking a bit tired, and frankly I was in desperate need of a healing touch.

So, after reviewing their online menu of treatments, I opted for a Collagen Rejuvenation facial treatment, and a soothing Rolling Sands massage.

I was welcomed into a calm treatment room and almost immediately a feeling of relaxation took over, as my therapist introduced herself and the treatments to follow. The dimly lit room, heated bed and softly playing piano concerto CD all assisted in providing a warm mellow glow.

The Collagen Rejuvenation Treatment is an intense 90-minute anti-aging facial aimed at restoring the skin to a firmer, smoother, glowing state.

From the outset, I must say that this treatment is super calming and relaxing, however, you are advised about having your entire face covered up, as, if you are prone to claustrophobia the treatment will be modified for you somewhat. Your therapist will check your preference with you. I however, had no qualms, and therefore enjoyed the complete facial cover up immensely.

So, let me take you through the procedure.

First, your skin is thoroughly and deeply cleansed with light vegetable oils, gently patted dry, and this is then followed by gentle exfoliating. After about 10 minutes, the exfoliant fluid is dissolved and cleaned off using soft sponges.

Now comes the wonderful, cool Algae Mask. The soft paste is gently poured all over your face, covering your mouth and eyelids too. Only your nose is carefully and professionally avoided, allowing for normal breathing. It is indeed an unusual feeling, and one which I enjoyed. I lay back, almost swaying now to the piano melodies, relaxing even more. After five minutes the mask is loosened and removed in one complete piece. Curiosity got the better of me, so I of course had to examine the soft pliant mask which had taken on the shape and contours of my face, including eyelids and mouth. (I stopped short of asking to take it home!)

Next, a refreshing tonic is applied, followed by the QMS Collagen and moisturizing creams. These are gently massaged into the skin with soft patting motions. The skin is then prepared for the plaster modelage. Basically, layers of plaster ‘bandages’ are applied and your entire face is again sealed off, while comfortable breathing is ensured. Your therapist will explain it prior to application and check that you are comfortable with the procedure. During this 20-minute interlude, the plaster mask hardens while remaining moist. And in case you wonder whether it could be any more soothing, you are simultaneously treated to a tender hand massage. Once set, this plaster mask is removed, and the skin is then further moisturized with balancing creams.

I then opted for a 30-minute Rolling Sands Massage, to target my neck, back and shoulders. This treatment is designed to enhance skin tone and relieve muscle tension. You can request either light, medium or firm pressure, and the Botanical Oils combined with unique massage movements really delivered the exact required level of indulgence I was looking for.

Absolutely blissful.

I promised myself that I will return soon for the complete relaxation experience with their signature Full (1-hour) Body Massage.

Deluxe Laser & Spa also offers 100% painless hair removal, sunless tanning, body contouring, anti-aging treatments, as well as mani’s and pedi’s. With four branches dotted around Cape Town, they come with our highest recommendation!

Claremont (021) 671 4458

Tamboerskloof (021) 422 3006

Sea Point (021) 433 2827

Constantia (081) 033 2888


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