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The good news is, TEENLIFTING is here! This new beauty innovation has been developed by Dr Sanja Malbaša Gošović of Croatia, and it has recently been brought to South Africa by Petra Lilley who is fully trained and qualified to professionally offer you the benefits of this wonderful youth-enhancing treatment.


In a nutshell, it is best described as a non-surgical face lift. Yes, you read that correctly.

Teenlifting is electrical stimulation of the muscles of the face and neck, to target and strengthen these muscles. Stimulation of acupuncture points results in the rehabilitation, drainage and enhanced blood circulation of the stimulated tissue. Muscle regeneration, shaping, lifting and a deep state of relaxation are achieved.

“Think of it as exercise for your face!” says Petra Lilley

What happens with our muscles over time is a very gradual weakening and a drop in muscle tone as a natural result of the ageing process. To combat muscle weakening, we take up running, pilates, yoga, and various other forms of regular exercise. Combined with good nutrition, we soon start to see and feel the benefits of an exercise regime.

Facial Muscle Tone

The same upkeep and strengthening of our facial muscles is required to combat the visible signs of ageing. Basically, the muscles around our eyes, mouth, and neck are very thin and so they show the first tell-tale signs of relaxing and we start to notice the formation of fine lines, and later on, sagging. Diet and genes play a role in terms of the speed of this process, but it all stems from the natural ageing of our physical bodies.

Why is it called TEENLIFTING?

Because, in our teens our facial muscles are strong, smooth and firm. Teenlifting is aimed at restoring the muscle strength to the same youthful state as when we were fresh and glowing in our teens.

The first results are observed after the initial treatment as a more refreshed looking face. With each subsequent workout better and more tangible results can be achieved, such as:

  • forehead lift
  • raising the eyebrows and upper eyelids
  • disappearance of wrinkles around the eyes
  • shaping the face
  • fuller and bowed lips
  • disappearance of wrinkles around the mouth
  • tightening of double chin and neck
  • face lift

Furthermore, other incredible benefits include the treatment of:

  • headaches
  • migraine
  • snoring
  • sinusitis
  • neuralgia
  • edema
  • stress

Looking Your Best

If you are planning your wedding or any special milestone event, and preparing to look camera-ready, then I can think of no better treatment for your face in the lead up to the big day. Just like a good diet, sleep, rest, water and exercise, the addition of facial muscle stimulation through Teenlifting will get you the results you are after!

Petra Lilley is the amazing representative and franchisee for Teenlifting in Cape Town. Speak to Petra about her special promotional pricing currently on offer. Telephone: 0736885295, or click here to drop her an email today. She is ready to consult with you at her comfortable premises in The Point Mall, Main Road, Sea Point.

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