Make-Up Tips to Plan for Rain on your Wedding Day

Gerty Janse van Rensburg

Gerty Janse van Rensburg is a professional make-up artist and her business, Essence of Beauty is based in Worcester, Western Cape.

Gerty has been in the industry for over 8 years and bridal make-up is a great passion of hers. She loves the industry and what she does, her greatest joy is to make sure her bride’s dream becomes a reality on their special day. It is very important to Gerty, to look after her brides as if they are a close friend, not only making sure their make-up is to their satisfaction but always helping to calm their nerves and make them enjoy the experience.

Question from a Bride-to-be: “I am really worried about rain on my wedding day. What if my hair and make-up get wet?” 

Gerty’s Advice: I think rain on your wedding day is always a worry for any bride, the weather is one thing all brides always stress about.

In my opinion and past experiences, I would say that it is very important for you as the professional make-up artist to then be the person to make certain decisions on behalf of your bride that you know will work best for the rainy situation. I usually discuss these kind of scenarios with my brides when we have our trial – to find out how they would want us to handle the situation and how I would suggest we do. It is very important to take certain weather conditions into consideration in the different seasons that you get married. When you as make-up artist arrive at the wedding and it is raining, make sure that you have an emergency kit with you ready for the bride, with things such as little plastic holders where you can leave a bit of foundation behind for the bride to keep in her bag to touch-up during the evening, an eyeliner is also always very handy and make sure to use waterproof mascara.

As the make-up artist, I must be able to plan ahead and be prepared for anything, be creative and think outside of the box.

TOP TIP: Have an emergency make-up kit ready for your bride and show one of the bridesmaids how to use the kit to touch-up the bride if necessary later in the evening.

For more information or to make a booking, please contact Gerty Janse van Rensburg from Essence of Beauty on: | 081 319 8695 or click here to visit her Facebook page

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