Rain on Your Wedding Day

A Photographer’s Perspective:  Rain on Your Wedding Day…

The days are counting down to your wedding, you’ve installed 10 different weather apps on your phone, and they all have that miserable dark grey icon hovering over your day. What to do?

Well, firstly, you’re not alone. I’ll be the first to admit I did the same in the days running up to my own wedding!  We were lucky and only got a little bit of rain in the evening, but what do you do if it pours down on your day?

Well firstly, stop worrying about getting your dress wet and dirty. Even if its a perfectly dry day, it’s still going to get somewhat dirty.  Make the dry cleaners work for their money, and anything they can’t get out will just be a reminder of what an amazing day you had.  I promise!

Prepare for and embrace the weather. It’s England after all, so get a pair of wellies in the same colour as your shoes, maybe a set for your bridesmaids as well, and a pretty umbrella.  Then go splash around in some puddles like you’re a kid again!

You should also ensure you have an amazing and enthusiastic photographer!  Some of my favourite images have been captured in torrential rain.

 There’s something magical about capturing raindrops frozen in mid-air.

Talk to your photographer before you book about what they would do if the day was a wash out. Professional camera equipment is mostly weatherproof these days, so if they’re not willing to follow you out into the rain keep shopping around.

So don’t worry.  Hopefully some of these images will cheer you up if it’s not looking promising weather wise.  And if you really wanted that beautiful sunset photo, you can always put your dress back on and book a post wedding shoot!

Images and insight by James Revitt, of Flawless Photography.

James is a UK-based photographer, and ready to travel anywhere to your destination wedding.

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