Taking Wedding Photography to a Whole New Level

Adithi Rajkumar is a wedding photographer with a difference. Confetti Chicks spoke to this dynamic lady after she received her R250 000 “business makeover” prize from Retail Capital’s power-packed strategy and marketing team.

Her company, Scribe Photography, first got off the ground through a humble online classified ad!

“I posted my first ad on Gumtree, and that’s how we got the ball rolling. Since then I’ve grown leaps and bounds to where people seek me out because they like my specific style and they think that I have a very edgy, vibrant way of photographing people,” says Adithi.

Adithi speaks with great enthusiasm and excitement about all areas of her life and, in particular, how she deals with clients.

“I keep a very, very open door so that, even if you need to phone me at 12 o’clock at night, you can call me. If you need me I’m there… even if you need to be bailed out of jail! I’m that type of person. I love to give back,” she smiles.

She stresses the importance of being comfortable with your wedding photographer’s style and not focussing on the budget when choosing a photographer.

“When you look at a wedding photographer you need to be comfortable with their style because that is going to be a reflection of that day for the rest of your life. You have to embrace their style as the memoir of your wedding day,” says Adithi.

Feeling comfortable with your photographer makes a major difference in terms of the quality of images from your big day, and Adithi believes it’s important to allow the process to flow in its own way on the day.

“I don’t have a time limit. You can ease up and you can warm up to my camera as you please. It’s always towards the end of the shoot that couples really start feeling really good on my camera but the moment I relax, they relax,” she laughs.

Karl Westvig (CEO of Retail Capital) and Adithi Rajkumar (owner of Scribe Photography) enjoying a break between the delicious courses served at La Petite Colombe.

Adithi will use some of her prize money to upgrade her photographic equipment but, as with all things in life, while the tools of your trade can make a difference, what really counts in photography are your technical skills, your eye for a shot, and your passion for finding and taking the next great photo. She has these attributes in abundance, and her passion for photography has led her to become something of a self-confessed photographic delinquent who sneaks into graveyards and even onto restricted railways lines – anywhere she’s not supposed to be but which offers the potential of some awesome photographic opportunities.

“We thought it would be cool to take photos of tombstones… and I think I’ve actually taken tombstones photography to a whole new level! I made it look bright and sparkly,” she laughs.

Durban-based Adithi was treated to an intimate lunch at the stunning, award-winning La Petite Colombe in Franschhoek with the Retail Capital team. Their company will be working with Adithi in the coming months to assist Scribe Photography with its business makeover.

La Petite Colombe served up their taste sensations at Adithi’s award presentation

Adithi’s prize includes a cash component to the value of R50 000 to assist her short-term in boosting her business, along with the opportunity to consult with Retail Capital’s team of experts who will help her to develop a solid business plan for her future growth, compose a new marketing strategy, as well as offering any assistance she requires in terms of design and branding. Adithi will also have at her disposal expert assistance with developing her website and implementing a cutting-edge social media strategy to help promote her services.

We look forward to seeing her continued rise and wish her great fortune, happiness and wonderful photos in the years to come.

https://scribephotography.wordpress.com/  | www.retailcapital.co.za

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