April 17, 2021

WEDDING PLANNING 101: Tips from the Experts

Confetti Chicks spoke to Madri and Niki of The Event Planners who shared with us their top tips for successful event planning:

“While planning your wedding, stay focused on what you and your partner really want and of course, on your budget. Often brides and grooms-to-be get distracted along the way with too many influences, ideas, traditions and needs being forced onto them by well-meaning family and friends.  When the big day arrives, they are stressed and exhausted. Don’t let this happen to you!”

Claire Thomson Photography
Catherine Mac Photography

“There are no rules;” say Madri and Niki

“It’s your day and you are spending your (or somebody very close to you) hard-earned money on it.  Identify what is important to you (is it the dress, the photos, the food or the music) and rather spend more money on the important areas, especially if you are working within a strict budget.”

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“Appoint an experienced wedding coordinator to help navigate you through the decision-making process.  Wedding planners love what they do and they know the secrets of the wedding industry so well. Budget for a coordinator, you will be very happy that you have somebody to lean on and remind you about what needs to be done.”

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For professional wedding or corporate events, contact:

Niki: +27 (0)79 183 5006 or niki@theeventplanners.co.za

Madri: +27 (0) 82 414 3180 or madri@theeventplanners.co.za

Featured image: by Zara Zoo Photography

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