What’s in Your Make-Up Kit?

Jeanine Jackson is a skilled make-up artist based in Gauteng, and defines Beauty as being comfortable in one’s own skin…

“That, and a kickass red lipstick!”

Jeanine Jackson

Question from a Bride-to-be: I am really worried about rain on my wedding day. What if my hair and make-up get wet? Am I stressing unnecessarily?

Jeanine’s advice: Ask your make up artist to apply extra primer before applying your foundation so that your make up does not move easily. Make use of waterproof makeup, some brides also do airbrushing because it is water resistant and wears well.  You can also check with your make up artist if she could stay for the reception to do touch ups.  Inviting your artist to your reception is not a bad idea as, this way you will be more willing to go into the rain to have your photos taken. Always wear a veil, it protects your hair from getting wet, and an umbrella is a double bonus!

Other than that relax, trust your photographer and enjoy every minute of your special day.

Tell us a bit more about the air brushing technique? Jeanine explains that this revolutionary make up application is when make up is sprayed onto the skin using an airbrush instead of sponges, brushes, fingers or other methods. It is a powered compressor, used to create an even, controllable airflow though a medical grade hose. As the make up is sprayed on it connects with skin as millions of droplets of formula, this formula creates an even, sheer, natural appearance to the skin, which lasts for up to 12 hours.

Airbrush make up comes in several different formulas:

Water based: Finely ground pigments dissipated in water. Water, polymers and pigment are mixed together and when airbrushed on the skin the polymer dries leaving a continuous coating on the skin.

Alcohol Based: Instead of using water like the polymer-water-based formula, the alcohol assists with drying the make up on skin.

Silicone Based: Silicone for longer lasting wear and without fading.

Airbrushed make up is much lighter than conventional make up and also dependent on the coverage needed for the client. To remove, use an oil-based make up remover, or Micellar Water.

Expect to pay more (as much as R1,000 more for this technique). Jeanine adds that she is qualified to do airbrushing make up, and is currently aiming to invest in this amazing tool in the near future.

Photos by Xavier Saer

Come Rain or Shine

Entertain both weather scenarios as you plan your wedding day to ensure that you don’t stress unnecessarily, advises Jeanine. It never hurts to get cute umbrellas for yourself and your bridesmaids!

To arrange a consultation, please contact Jeanine Jackson Artistry on Tel 074 164 9979 or click here to visit her Facebook page.

Photos by Xavier Saer

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