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Dress by Janita Toerien


Welcome to the world of Confetti Chicks. We can’t wait to share the journey with you.

The Confetti Chicks have something in common with you: we all love weddings because we’re either planning, celebrating or remembering a wedding. Who doesn’t love the romance and glamour of wedding day fun and excitement? Or marvelling at ‘the dress’, sipping champagne and dancing past midnight.

A wedding is a truly beautiful occasion as it signals the start of a wonderful new life full of exciting opportunities and, hopefully, a much-loved new family.

Our aim is to bring you inspiration for party planning, dress selection, flowers and wedding cakes, as well as great gift ideas and what to expect at traditional weddings.

Gill Lewis, editor

A wedding marks the beginning of a new journey, so we include insightful articles on the essence of being a couple, setting up home and building a lifelong partnership with your new spouse, as well as sharing the highs and lows of commitment and intimacy.

We want this to be a shared journey, so please send us your thoughts, ideas and own insights into the wonders of your wedding and married life.

Dress by Janita Toerien

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