Honeymoon Goals

It is the most beautiful feeling in the world. In fact, it’s one that cannot be made sweeter by words or melodies or things because it is already the greatest most extravagant feeling the world has to offer.

And it’s all because of that one person, that special significant other, The One that you have chosen. The one who chose you.

How could you possibly hope to make a decision that is better or to the equivalent of that great feeling? You can’t, but you can certainly try.

Picking a honeymoon destination is never going to be easy because it’s never going to live up to the feeling of being married to the love of your life. Nothing could be equal or live up to that immense organic feeling. Instead of trying to equalise it try and pick a destination that reflects your unique love for each other, a place that helps accentuate and enhance what is already something rare and real.

Getting hitched is the most socially acceptable reason to take a vacation. Ditch work and spend a good week or even two frolicking about the most luxurious, splurge-best holiday you’ll ever take, with your favourite person in the world. Sign me up!

However this magical once in a lifetime adventure doesn’t just happen. Just like your wedding it requires planning, not nearly as much but trying to have the second stage of getting hitched go off glitch free can be quite tricky. How do you pick a destination that is everything you and your partner want and more? How do you do without the stress and anxiety that comes with the wedding aftermath? And how do you do it all within budget? With so many questions and not nearly enough answers here is a guide to a stress-free honeymoon that ticks all the boxes and makes for the perfect first-time newlywed adventure.

Think Beyond Brochures

Pick a destination that reflects the uniqueness of your relationship shouldn’t be too difficult. The novelty of Paris and Italy for honeymoon destinations has started to wear off and the allure of places that you see in the movies no longer hold the top dream destination spots.

You want your first adventure together to be special, something authentic and memorable that has all the feels of a great romantic movie that you haven’t seen before. Look at places within Africa; with many diverse destinations like Botswana, Tanzania and Kenya you’re bound to find something that fulfills your desires. Private, tender and full of adrenaline and excitement the open African skies provide a unique and inmate insight into the primordial world. Profound and picturesque views with their unfiltered pink skies provide aphrodisiac settings like none other.

Shout it from the Mountains

You’re in love, and you want the world to know. Now in this day and age, you don’t need a mountain or a banner in the sky to declare your undying love and affection, we have social media for that now. And even if you’re not one for public displays of affection, telling people it’s your honeymoon can open some surprising doors along the way, like:  free hotel upgrades, candle lit dinners, champagne on arrival. You may think that telling people you’re on honeymoon will evoke extra charges or fees, but it is in fact quite the opposite.

The tourism industry loves a good love story and will go above and beyond to ensure they can help in even the smallest of ways.

Budget is Your Bestie

Budget is a horrible thing to think about when planning your honeymoon, but it is a very real essential point to discuss early on. It’s important to have a budget discussion when planning your trip, you and your partner should be on the same page when it comes to funding because it will save a lot of expectations and disappointments if you are both aware of what your available funds are.

The need to set a budget and stick to it will ensure that you can do all the things you have planned to do while away. As soon as you start forgoing your specified itinerary and budget the less likely you are to fulfill your honeymoon wish list. If you don’t want to have every detail of your holiday planned and budgeted for then set aside some money for some spontaneous activities like candle lit dinners and couple massages, that you can use while travelling around.

Check The Weather

It’s important to check the weather of your destination before you book. Sounds like a simple almost irrelevant tip but you’ll be surprised how much the weather can affect your holiday. No point in booking a fabulous beachside honeymoon in the rainy season. So many holiday based activities are weather permitting that in certain destinations you may end up spending your entire holiday in your hotel room if the weather is appalling. So check before you book. In fact, double check and don’t feel bad having to postpone your travel plans if your heart is set on a destination and the weather is going to be gloomy over that time.

Bedroom Pressure

There is a lot of sexual expectation surrounding honeymoons, which can add a lot of stress and anxiety to the trip. It’s important to try your best to minimize this and focus on exploring, connecting and celebrating your love as opposed to trying to make it something that it is not. To ease the pressure, you and your partner should talk about your sexual desires and expectations; this way you are fully informed about what the other is looking forward to and what they expect.

It is also important to prioritise intimacy over the period of your trip. Sex is never a given, it’s always a gift, and it’s important to treat it as such. Come prepared, there is room for some experimenting, but you’re not trying out for the sexual Olympics, so you don’t want to steer too far away from what is natural and honest for you both. Lastly, it’s important to bring things that make sex feel intimate and fun for the two of you. Make that tantric playlist, pack some delicious lingerie and bring things from home both familiar and new.

Define Your Honeymoon

There is no rule on how to go about the perfect honeymoon; the holiday needs to be something that reflects you and your partner and what you feel is special and unique to you. There is no right or wrong way to do it, and everyone’s will be uniquely different. Try not to get too caught up in all the fuss and expectations – your honeymoon is going to be magical and memorable just because you’re sharing it with the person you love, the person you have just married. Your honeymoon isn’t the pinnacle of your travels together, it is in fact just the start of a lifetime of amazing shared experiences.

Words by Hayden Myers





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