Photographer’s Pro Tip to help your Groom enjoy the Photo Session

Johette Pople

Johette Pople is the owner of Johette Pople Photography offering a personalised, boutique approach to every kind of photography need and special occasion.

Johette Pople Photography was established in 2009 and has since built-up an impressive client list, documenting every special moment for many families in the Boland District from the engagement shoots, weddings, baby showers, new born shoots and special birthdays or functions.  Johette is a fun, vibrant photographer that just loves to capture the special memories of her clients.

Question from a Bride-to-be: “My fiancé is uncomfortable with being photographed. How do I convince him to just be himself?”

Johette’s Advice: Some people, mostly men, hate being photographed. As a photographer I feel it is our responsibility to make the couple, especially the man feel at ease. It helps if you take a zoom lens and just give them some privacy. I always ask my brides to whisper personal stuff in the groom’s ear so that he will forget the photographer is there. This usually captures the most beautiful moments between the couple. It also helps when you meet the photographer before the wedding day, so he/she won’t be a complete stranger taking pictures of you.

I’ve experienced that if the photographer tells the groom exactly what to do they actually don’t mind posing.

For more information or to make a booking, please contact Johette at Johette Pople Photography on: | Tel 076 714 4959 or click here to visit her Facebook page.

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