Choosing your Designer Wedding Bling

Janine Binneman has been in the business of jewellery design for 21 years, so she knows a thing or two about those glittery objects of desire! We thought we’d find out more about what makes this creative dynamo tick.

“I have always been drawn to design, but the bling attracted me the most.”

Tell us about the full range of jewellery you make?

We have 2 sides of the business, we have the ready to wear range and also our fine jewellery. We also have a range of very personal and custom pieces we make, where clients reflect their own style and heritage.

Where do you draw inspiration from, and how do you stay abreast of trends?

I take inspiration from travelling all over the world while sourcing and meeting new creative people in the industry, social media is a great way to stay in touch with what is on trend but also just looking at our surroundings in south Africa helps with what clients are wanting.

What advice do you have for brides- and grooms-to-be who are choosing their engagement ring and wedding jewellery?

  • Choose a design that is classic because you are going to wear it every day.
  • Spend more on the rings than your wedding dress. Remember, the ring lasts a life time and the dress is for only one day.
  • Engrave the wedding date inside his wedding band so he will never forget your anniversary!

What are the jewellery trends right now?

For wedding trends, a mix of gems and old/rose cut diamonds, and a lot of use of rose gold.

Are colourful gemstones popular at the moment?

Coloured gem stones are very popular, because you can easily express your personality and lifestyle with a mix of gemstones, and they are easy to mix with other jewellery.

What is the pricing guideline when choosing the engagement ring?

Traditionally it is three months’ salary of the groom, but on average between R40k to R80k. We can work with all budgets to suit the client’s needs within reason.

What is the most flamboyant or extravagant piece you have made?

A platinum and diamond encrusted fairy wand.

Please tell us about the 4 C’s when choosing diamonds?

Carat, Colour, Clarity and Cut. All modern diamonds are cut to a specific standard, and all certified diamonds should adhere to these standards.

“To me, colour is the most important in buying a diamond. The whiter the diamond, the bigger and more radiant it looks.”

How do you advise clients take care of their jewellery?

Always err on the safe side, for instance don’t spend long periods of time in the sea wearing jewellery. We provide a How To Take Care of Your Jewellery leaflet with all our purchases.

What is your own favourite piece of personal jewellery?

My engagement ring, which is princess cut sapphires and diamonds – my favourite cut of stone.

Can you share something with us, that people wouldn’t expect from someone in your line of work?

I am a complete adrenaline junkie and I have blue hair!

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