If the Shoe Fits, Wear it Beautifully

Wedding day comfort is paramont. Along with looking your best, you also need to keep your feet looking and feeling good – all day long!

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Put your best foot forward in crystals, satin or lace.

With so many styles and colours at your fingertips – blush, nude, ivory or white – where do you even start to find your favourite pair? Trawling the malls and catalogues is one option.

Hopping online and browsing through a beautiful catalogue is another convenient option. To help you (and your bridesmaids) along, why not start here: Anella Wedding Shoes offers a seemingly endless range that leaves us breathless with an acute case of shoe envy!

High Heel Styles: 8, 10 and 12 cm heels for heady lift. If you have stronger calves and feet, you will achieve the elegance and height you are looking for.


Mid Heel Styles: At around 6 – 7 cm, mid height heels are still elegant, and with the added level of comfort, these are probably the range sought by most brides.


Low Heel Styles: If comfort is your No.1 priority, there is no need at all to compromise on style!

Natalie Shoe Clips – Bows & Accessories can be added

You can make your personalised choice and order direct from Anella online. What could be easier?

Let’s talk about Ballet pumps. These gorgeous slippers are a firm favourite with tall brides and petite little flower girls. The ultimate in comfort, ballet pumps are made to order specifically for you.

Custom made lace-covered pumps

You can select the colour and design, from lace covered, satin, or leather. Because these pumps are custom made for you, allow at least 3 weeks for delivery.

Custom made rose-coloured ballet pumps

Now that we’ve brought you this mouthwatering little teaser, browse Anella’s full catalogue online.



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