Honeymoon Road Trip

Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of a swanky five-star hotel just as much as the next girl! Luxury safari or seaside resort? Sign me up!

But maybe, just maybe, let’s try on a new fantasy here … the idea of a road trip with your newly hitched spouse could be just the ticket, at just the right time of your lives, right?

Credit: Jadie Jo Photography

While youth is on your side, and maybe finances not so much, hit the road and take a wild trip together, just the two of you. Meet new people along the way, and relish introducing each other to new people as “my husband” and “my wife”. Trust me, it never gets old.

As life goes on, and gets busier – work projects, children, pets, and home improvements will take priority, there may not come another opportunity like right now!

Be sure to plan it carefully though, before setting off:

  • Decide how many days or weeks will you be away.
  • Plot your route, distances, and estimated travelling times.
  • Book a couple of B&B’s in advance.
  • Pack a tent and sleeping bags, and check into campsites along the way.
  • Plan to have enough clothing, toiletries, battery chargers, credit cards, and some cash. (Many outlets now have Snapscan or similar e-payment facilities).
  • Notify friends and family of your route and return date. Stay in touch with them along the way.

Have FUN!

Credit: Jadie Jo Photography

Credits: Jadie Jo Italasano is an American photographer ready to travel to your destination wedding, world wide.


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