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Round beach towels and picnic blankets, or “roundies” as they are called, are our fave new summer must-have!

Kikoi started with leather, hemp, canvas & a cotton weave. Azdebele is the inspiration for Kikoi’s unique take on local tribal design with an international & modern twist.

Cheryl McEwan Photography

How it all began

Having ordered a round towel online from China, we were convinced we could do it better, more African, and more accessible – it took 45 days, cost a fortune with the exchange rate and delivery and when it finally got here, we wanted to change it, brighten it up, Africanize it…… so we did!

And so the journey of the round began –  we now know why no-one had done it before the Aussies (who are next to China, China!!) Because there is so much wastage on a 1.5m round that it makes absolutely no financial sense, but my goodness is it gorgeous or what! So we decided we would make as many round variations as we could in an attempt to make this beautiful item accessible to as many people as possible.

The Azdebele natural Hemp Beach Throw has, therefore, had to forgo our commitment to using 100% natural fabrics In order to bring the price ‘of the coveted round’ locally handmade item down. We have made use of a beautiful black & white nylon fringe, manufactured in South Africa of course, to finish off this bleached natural hemp design piece.

The Canvas Blankoi (as we affectionately call our waterproof hardwearing picnic blanket) is made from a 340g natural canvas, sealed with a waterproof base and finished with locally manufactured 100% cotton bullion. This practical and durable item is great for kids, picnics, parties, beach days, park life and more as it can be washed and has been pre-shrunk.

The Original Round Towel, the jewel in our crown, was a much longer journey but we made it. When we eventually found the fabric, locally made on a 100-year-old loom, we had to shrink the fabric to fit the printer and then coat this waffle fabric to ensure the vibrant print. Nothing about this process has been simple or affordable, we just hope this magnificent product makes you as happy this summer as it does us!

Ahhh, leather… who doesn’t love working with leather?

Cheryl McEwan Photography

We have been making our own sandals for years, always wondering why – in one of the best climates in the world – we cannot find a pair of beautiful simple strappy leather sandals. And so we added this natural next step to our collection of rounds and offer you 3 design variations, each in 2 colours, each custom made with its own quirks in leather and production, each a piece of African art that your feet will love. We have played with veg dyes and 100% leather from inner sole to outer and even offer a chiffon wrap sandal, finished in leather, for your pleasure.

Our beach bags and purses play with our Azdebele theme and we offer up many a variation of each of the 3 designs that define this first Beach To Bar Collection.

Next came the small items with all that left over leather, canvas, hemp & waffle weave. From this we’ve made hats, bag within bags for the ladies, toiletry bags and bags for the shoes and the Blankois’…

Watch this space for over-sized jumpers to keep out the chill, Funbrella’s & hemp weave baskets… We have just started!

We hope you love our interpretation of the round, our fun with leather and our love for all things beautiful and local.


103 Hout Street, Cape Town

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